Operation and programming


Switching the vivax motor on / off

Switching on
Press the push-button for approx. one second and the mot is activated. Press the push-button again and the motor stops. The motor stops also when the rider stops pedaling. Without motor power the bike functions as normal without any kind of resistance.

Version vivax assist 4.75
This version offers the optimal performance from 110 watts with a pedal frequency of 75 RPM. See the graphik vivax assist 4.75

Version vivax assist 4.90
This version offers the optimal performance from 100 watts with a pedal frequency of 90 RPM. Made as an alternative for riders that prfer higher cadence. See the graphik vivax assist 4.90

vivax assist's seat tube motor balances out the performance difference between riding partners in a way other systems can't. Motor rpm can be closely controlled and the rider's personal contribution and speed are factored in by shifting gear, keeping the motor rpm at a high effenciency. Non of the group find the riding too taxing and none find it too easy!

Switching off
A short push of the push-button switches the drive off again.
The drive switches off automatically in the following situations:
Under braking
Pedal frequency less than approx. 15 revolutions per minute (also note the drive cannot be started under this condition)
If the battery is empty
If the crank stays still (drive switches off immediately)
Storing the pedal frequency
The vivax assist supports you whenever your own pedal frequency is lower than the stored frequency. It is usually best to store the pedal frequency while cycling on the level, so that the drive allows you to easily store the desired setting.

The best assistance is usually found at a pedal frequency of 75/90 revolutions per minute. Pedal frequencies under 50 rpm or over 90 rpm will not be stored. In short, you have something akin to a pedalling cadence cruise control.


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